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Don’t Expect Cryptocurrency to Go Away Any Time Soon

Warren Buffet said what about bitcoin? There were how many people at the annual CoinDesk Consensus cryptocurrency conference? And young Americans love bitcoin because…? Yes, despite some ups and downs in 2018, Bitcoin is still a hot investing option with significant returns – and news about cryptos like it is moving so fast that it can be hard to keep up with all of it. Noting this, we’ve dedicated this post to some of the recent news you should be aware of as far as cryptocurrency is concerned. From record-breaking attendance at the flagship crypto conference to more notable investors ...Continue reading

Does Amazon Really Need to Pay More Taxes?

Seattle recently passed a controversial "Amazon tax," targeted towards reducing the homelessness that has become an epidemic across the city. This has been one of multiple new tax initiatives taken against Amazon and global e-tailers, and may have some consequences for the company, its stock, and its profitability. The issue itself is a complex one, which has had both supporters and detractors. Seattle has experienced a massive cost-of-living increase in recent years, in large part due to the large number of employees Amazon has brought into the city. Amazon has been growing so substantially throughout Seattle, that it has altered ...Continue reading

Sears Continues to Struggle: What’s Going On With the Aging Retail Giant?

In 2017, Sears announced the closure of 400 stores -- and no one was taken by surprise. A company with hundreds of years of history, Sears has been unable to adapt to modern times, often struggling to find its place within the new markets. While some analysts blame a slow e-commerce adoption for the company's loss of market share, others blame its extraordinarily lax and customer-friendly approach to returns and exchanges. However, the reality may be neither of these things -- it may simply be that Sears was outclassed. The last two years have seen Sears dropping some of its ...Continue reading

Sports Gambling is Now Legal — What Happens Next?

Soon, sports fans won’t have to travel to Las Vegas to legally place a bet on sports. Yes, thanks to a ruling by the Supreme Court of the United States, previous legislation that banned sports betting everywhere but the state of Nevada was ruled unconstitutional. Being that the news is still so fresh, many still have a lot of questions when it comes to what exactly this development means. We’ve answered some of the common inquiries that are out there, from where any additional revenue could go to possible difficulties that may be experienced. What Does it all Mean? Previously, ...Continue reading

The Impact of North Korea Opening Into the Global Market

North Korea is taking strides to unify itself with South Korea, ultimately with the goal of creating a singular nation. Earlier in the month, North Korea adjusted its time zone to match South Korea's -- and though this may seem like a very simple act, it was more than just a symbolic one. Matching time zones make it easier for commerce to occur, and opens the door even further to trade. This trade may have wide-reaching consequences, especially with its implications regarding China. To be sure, we are still a long way off from a united Korean peninsula. However, unification ...Continue reading