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Report: Women are Wealthier Than Ever Before

Earlier in March, millions of women celebrated "International Women's Day" -- a largely politicized demonstration wherein participants typically lament over wealth disparities between the two genders. However, one new report suggests things might not be so bad for the fairer sex. More and more money managers are interested in attracting and serving wealthy female clients. These women are beginning to have a major impact on the investment industry and the economy as a whole via the values, such as social and environmental impact, that they express through their portfolios. The Boston Consulting Group found that the amount of private wealth ...Continue reading

What are the Real Pros and Cons for Bitcoin?

A few days ago, Google announced its decision to ban any ads related to cryptocurrency on its network. The International Monetary Fund also announced its decision to do the same, recommending an international crackdown on the use of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies for the purpose of money-laundering. After these announcements, the value of Bitcoin began to decline. It appears that Bitcoin's slump has ceased for now. In fact, the value of Bitcoin recovered slightly on Thursday morning. Many investors are left wondering, however, if buying into the trend is still worth it. Bitcoin Dips Below $8,000 Bitcoin first declined below ...Continue reading

Bitcoin Price Drops By 10% As Hackers Exploit Binance’s API Keys

The world of cryptocurrency is always full of surprises, and you never know what awaits you when you wake up every morning. Happenings in this sector can be likened to a ride on a bumpy rollercoaster, where one minute you are on top of your game and abruptly hit rock bottom in the next few seconds. Such is the volatility of the cryptocurrency industry. A few weeks ago, everything seemed calm, and the leading cryptocurrency Bitcoin was showing all signs of gaining significant value and stabilizing after a long period of instability. The price of one Bitcoin moved from $6,150 ...Continue reading

How Do Trump’s Tariffs Affect Your Savings?

Steel is what we use to make this country -- literally. It’s used to make things as small as cans for food, paint, drinks. It’s used to make cars, trains, and planes. It’s used to make the infrastructure of our buildings and bridges. It’s used to make the equipment that makes all these things, from cranes to excavators. Steel is important to this economy in every way, and finally, the steel and aluminum tariffs are set on paper now. The Trump administration recently announced a 25 percent tariff on foreign steel imports as well as a 10 tariff for aluminum. ...Continue reading

China Promises “Necessary Response” to New US tariffs.

China has promised to issue a ‘justified and necessary response’ to U.S. President Donald Trump’s trade tariffs, expected to be imposed on steel and aluminum imports. Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi implied that the tariffs will result in a harmful trade war, according to Reuters. He emphasized that in today’s globalized era, igniting a global trade war by issuing such destabilizing trade tariffs could hurt the smooth flow of international trade. While China has been exporting steel and aluminum to the United States for years, prior anti-dumping duties and these national security tariffs are seen as a way to control ...Continue reading