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The Real Story Behind General Electric’s Dividend Cut

General Electric sent some ripples through the market when it announced a 50% dividend cut on November 13. After the official release, their shares took a 7% dive as CEO John Flannery struggled to reassure his investors. GE's stock was not exactly doing well prior to this announcement, but this is the biggest reduction the company has shown in recent years. The CEO has stated that the company is planning to go through a major overhaul, which is to include restructuring its finances, labor force, and long-term goals for 2018 and 2019. Learn more about the story behind the numbers, ...Continue reading

Will Coca-Cola Step into the Alcohol Market?

Since being founded in 1886, Coca-Cola has always been known for one thing: its brand of soft drinks. For more than 130 years, John Pemberton’s famous beverage has evolved, first making use of coca leaves and kola nuts as part of its ingredients list. While its exact ingredients will not be revealed today (a decision made by Coke itself), the ingredients have nonetheless been modernized. For those who want less sugar in their soft drinks, Coke manufactures make lighter versions of its beverages, including Coca-Cola Zero, Caffeine-Free Coca-Cola, Diet Coke Caffeine-Free, and Diet Coke. Other beverage choices as part of ...Continue reading

Tesla’s Lawsuit: What Will the Consequences be for the Electric Vehicle Giant?

Tesla has had a rough month. Opening at $350.60 on October 16th and closing at $308.70 On November 14th, the recent performance of the electric vehicle giant has a lot of analysts scrambling. The past few months have been nothing but bad news from the tech company, from industry-related skepticism to -- most damaging -- yet another recently launched lawsuit. But what does it all mean for the world's most popular electric car company? Is the company itself still sound, or is it pulling apart at the seams? Allegations: "Hotbed for Racist Behavior" A recent lawsuit against Tesla alleges that ...Continue reading

Should You Apply for That Store Credit Card?

Tis' the season for store credit card applications. Yes, with Christmas right around the corner, the shopping malls, outlets and department stores are set to be packed with shoppers finishing up their lists. And whenever there's an expected uptick in shopping - and sales - volume, it's common for these stores to roll out enticing offers should consumers apply for and get approved for one of their store credit cards. But are store credit cards really worth it? Let's take a look at the various factors that should influence your decision to submit an application in this post. What's Your ...Continue reading

Bitcoin Surges to New All-Time High at Over $7,000

Bitcoin's value has skyrocketed to a new plateau, leading many financial analysts to once again raise serious questions about its volatility. Reuters reports the new development follows a series of boosts in value for the flagship cryptocurrency. Just a few months ago, it was valued at just over $2,500, before once again breaking new ground at $5,000. Bitcoin hasn't seen such a run since it first began becoming a household name in 2012 and 2013. Back then, it was barely valued at $100. Despite what would normally be considered good news for the cryptocurrency, Bitcoin still has its horde of ...Continue reading