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Why are The Smart So Stupid?


Foolish Advice from a Very Smart Man Recently I read a Facebook post from a friend and colleague who I respect.  He’s a marketing wizard who owns a very successful business.  So he certainly is no dummy, and he’s personally had a ton of financial success. Over the years I’ve received some great business advice […]

Dealing With Haters in Your Life


How to Deal With Haters and Naysayers My wife and I were at the local branch of our bank the other day. We were there to open up a checking account for a new business we are starting together. As we were introduced to the gentleman that would be helping us, he conversationally asked what […]

Ten Steps for Succeeding in Business

Istockalypse Barcelona

Ten Reasons I Succeeded in this Business…And You Will Too I’m fortunate to know a lot of successful people. My friend Kyle runs a multi-million dollar promotional company. He built it from nothing a decade ago. He was working for someone else, when he saw an opportunity in the stock market and capitalized on it. […]



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