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The Best Paying Jobs in America in 2018

America's highest paying jobs have been shifting over the past few decades, owing to change in our economic outlook and our major industries. Understanding the best paying jobs in America isn't just important for those currently looking for work (or contemplating a change). The best paying jobs also reflect changes in industry; they show the sectors that are most likely to grow in the coming years. Here are the best-paying jobs to have in the United States for 2018: Anesthesiologists, Surgeons, and OBGYNs Healthcare is still one of the major expenses in America. The United States has the highest per ...Continue reading

Tesla Cuts 9% Of Its Staff: What Does This Mean for the Company?

Tesla has been up and down throughout 2018, with allegations ranging from poor safety procedures to anti-union activity. Recently, Tesla let go of 3,000 employees, which is the largest layoff yet for the company. This has thrown the company into another round of criticism and scrutiny. The media has been sending mixed messages about Elon Musk's staff. On June 13th, 2018, Bloomberg published "Fired Tesla Workers Still Love Elon Musk." In it, they referenced a number of positive tweets, including, "Thanks for the opportunity, Elon! Eye on the mission. Will always be proud to say I worked for Tesla." A ...Continue reading

Look Out Walmart and Amazon — Target Has Entered the Delivery Market

Good businesses are proactive, not reactive. They stay up with current trends and strive to be first to market with their own innovative concepts or technologies. While you may not associate big box stores with innovation (after all, they're supposed to be carrying and selling the products you're pining for), retail wars are nothing new. And one of the ways that various big box retailers have attempted to create a competitive advantage and compete with online giants such as are various initiatives to make it easier to purchase the things that customers are looking for. Things like online ordering ...Continue reading

Airline Tickets are Going Up — Here’s Why

Planning on getting away for a vacation this summer? If so, it might be a good time to cash in any frequent flier miles you've been stockpiling. Or rent a car and drive instead of flying. We say this because airlines are warning consumers that prices to fly are likely to escalate this summer. Why? Because gas prices are higher, and being that fuel is a major expenditure, airlines need to adjust the costs of their tickets in order to maintain profit. It's not ideal news, but it's likely to be reality - at least in the near-term. Airline Fuel ...Continue reading

Student Loan Debt Hits $1.5 Trillion — What Does This Mean?

Student loan debt in America -- it's become a punchline. As of 2017, the average student loan debt for graduates was $39,400. This number has been growing. Student loan debt recently hit $1.5 trillion total, with women holding $860 billion of the debt. And though lowering college tuition may help with reducing future student loan debt, it isn't going to change the reality for many Americans. Barring some unusual circumstances, student loan debt is inescapable. Student loan debt resides in a different area from other debt: it cannot be discharged via bankruptcy and it can be easily garnished from tax ...Continue reading