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It’s Never Too Late to Get Rich

You receive this letter from me each week because you’ve told me you are interested in starting your own internet business. So what’s stopped you from doing that thus far? Money. That can’t be because I’ve told you about opportunities that cost less than $100 to get you started? Not enough time in your schedule? [...]

A Contrarian’s Take On Setting Goals

I read an article recently about a business owner who said setting goals and benchmarks for his business was doing more harm than good to his business. Naturally this idea intrigued me. I was of the school of thought that setting goals and planning a strategy of action to complete those goals was considered a [...]

Ten Reasons I Succeeded in this Business…And You Will Too

I’m fortunate to know a lot of successful people. My friend Kyle runs a multi-million dollar promotional company. He built it from nothing a decade ago. He was working for someone else, when he saw an opportunity in the stock market and capitalized on it. My friend Will did something similar. He saw a lack [...]



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