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Does Teladoc Belong in Your Portfolio?

Teladoc (NYSE: TDOC) has emerged as a stock with spectacular long-term potential, and it's easy to see why. It is no secret healthcare in the United States is becoming more expensive. The current healthcare model will eventually be upended, or at least dramatically altered. It is not a question of if but when such changes occur. Teladoc is perfectly positioned to benefit from such a disruption. The medical tech company is the industry's trailblazer in terms of virtual doctor visits. It might not be long until people meet with doctors through screens as opposed to in-person visits at traditional medical ...Continue reading

Facebook Post-Data Crisis: Buy or Sell?

If you are following Facebook (NASDAQ: FB), you are likely wondering if the bad news will keep on coming, or if the storm has passed. Even if more information about data breaches and other violations of privacy are revealed in the days to come, no one will be surprised. The question is whether the bad news represents a buying opportunity or if it is an indication the time has come to sell. Facebook's Temporary Rebound Facebook's stock bounced back after its initial decline following the Cambridge Analytica saga. The fact that Facebook halted 200 apps due to data tracking is ...Continue reading

Don’t Expect Cryptocurrency to Go Away Any Time Soon

Warren Buffet said what about bitcoin? There were how many people at the annual CoinDesk Consensus cryptocurrency conference? And young Americans love bitcoin because…? Yes, despite some ups and downs in 2018, Bitcoin is still a hot investing option with significant returns – and news about cryptos like it is moving so fast that it can be hard to keep up with all of it. Noting this, we’ve dedicated this post to some of the recent news you should be aware of as far as cryptocurrency is concerned. From record-breaking attendance at the flagship crypto conference to more notable investors ...Continue reading

Does Amazon Really Need to Pay More Taxes?

Seattle recently passed a controversial "Amazon tax," targeted towards reducing the homelessness that has become an epidemic across the city. This has been one of multiple new tax initiatives taken against Amazon and global e-tailers, and may have some consequences for the company, its stock, and its profitability. The issue itself is a complex one, which has had both supporters and detractors. Seattle has experienced a massive cost-of-living increase in recent years, in large part due to the large number of employees Amazon has brought into the city. Amazon has been growing so substantially throughout Seattle, that it has altered ...Continue reading

Sears Continues to Struggle: What’s Going On With the Aging Retail Giant?

In 2017, Sears announced the closure of 400 stores -- and no one was taken by surprise. A company with hundreds of years of history, Sears has been unable to adapt to modern times, often struggling to find its place within the new markets. While some analysts blame a slow e-commerce adoption for the company's loss of market share, others blame its extraordinarily lax and customer-friendly approach to returns and exchanges. However, the reality may be neither of these things -- it may simply be that Sears was outclassed. The last two years have seen Sears dropping some of its ...Continue reading