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The True Terror of Hillary’s Open Border Dream


The WikiLeaks are raining upon the free world. Among them are a number of scandals, bad ideas and examples of corruption. Handling them all may take some time, but one idea in particular is exceptionally terrifying: open borders. In one of her paid speeches, Clinton talked about a dream to open borders in the U.S. and establish and American continental system that mirrors the system used in most of Europe. The security risks of such a system are obvious, but how would the economy work? Here's the answer. Comparing States Understanding the sheer magnitude of open borders in North America ...Continue reading

How New York Economics Hurts the Country


This year’s presidential race has quoted a lot of numbers. The economy is the top point of contention for every candidate, and the arguments between them often stem from a difference of modeling more than anything else. In fact, when studying economics or building economic policy, the choice of modeling is often the most important part of the whole process. Data and trends derived from the remote farms of New Mexico might look a little different from Silicon Valley. Even using national averages can be tricky, because no part of the country actually performs at average. Each region is above ...Continue reading

A Sobering Review of the Summer Job Boom

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The months leading into the summer were abysmal in terms of job growth. June surprised economists and reversed the trend by adding more than 280,000 jobs. The boom continued through August, and the total job growth of the season averaged 192,000 jobs per month. On top of that, wages and workweeks have slowly and inexorably climbed higher each month. With unemployment sitting at or just below five percent, these preliminary numbers are very encouraging and suggest that the economic recovery is slow but sustainable. Unfortunately, these numbers are misleading. Job Growth The first sobering comparison comes from year-over-year job growth. ...Continue reading

Why NAFTA Hurts the American Economy


The North American Free Trade Agreement, better known as NAFTA opened a trap door through which American manufacturing jobs were funneled into today’s globalized neoliberal labor market. By establishing laws that allowed U.S. corporations to relocate their production processes abroad and sell their products back into the U.S., NAFTA effectively undercut American workers’ bargaining power, which once drove the growth of the middle class after the Second World War. The resulting 20 years of stagnating wages and massive redistribution of income has benefited the powerful, the monied, and the elected. NAFTA hurt American workers in four ways. It caused the ...Continue reading

Hillary Clinton’s Takes on the Catholic Church


Uncovered in one of the latest troves of Wikileaks revelations are the emails of Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton's campaign chairman John Podesta. Podesta has been the chief architect of Clinton's strategies to woo and play to specific demographic segments in order to maintain dominance over Republican rival Donald Trump. There have already been controversies over Clinton's supposed allegiances and disaffections for, respectively, the African-American community, Southerners, uneducated voters and now — Catholics. In the past, one of the largest funders of anti-Catholic movements worldwide has been Jewish billionaire financier and philanthropist George Soros, who (perhaps not uncoincidentally) is also ...Continue reading