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Investment Opportunities In The Social Media Industry

Social media companies have been in the news regularly in recent weeks. Sometimes, the news has fueled interest in social media, particularly when President Donald Trump uses Twitter to make policy announcements or comment on political opponents. On other occasions, the news has been bad such as when Facebook was accused of violating its customers' privacy. It’s clear that news about social media often significant impacts the stock prices of companies in the industry. On March 20, reports about the political consulting company Cambridge Analytica misusing Facebook users’ personal information and concerns that the U.S. government would investigate Facebook because ...Continue reading

Starbucks Undergoes “Racial Bias” Training at 8,000 Stores

It's the stuff of an executive's nightmares. On April 14th, a Starbucks manager called the police on two black customers who were there waiting to discuss a business proposal with a third party. Video catches these customers being taken out and arrested by police, all while other customers ask why this is happening. As a response, Starbucks has decided to undergo racial bias training, shutting down all of its company-owned locations on May 29th. And it may be an excellent opportunity for the company to display and develop its company culture -- while reassuring customers and investors of its values. ...Continue reading

QuinStreet — is the Stock a Buy, Sell, or Hold?

QuinStreet's (NASDAQ: QNST)stock jumped this past week after the company announced preliminary quarterly results. The web performance marketing company's excellent revenue growth put its top line above the typical analyst expectation. QuinStreet is a leading provider of web performance marketing solutions. The company's technologies and products provide customers and businesses with the data they need in order to pinpoint the optimal services, products and brands that suit their nuanced needs. Executives stated they anticipate the uptick in business will only continue throughout the months and quarters to come. All in all, QuinStreet's third-quarter revenue increased 45 percent compared to the ...Continue reading

Is Shotspotter Worth Investing In?

Shares of ShotSpotter (NASDAQ: SSTI) have soared this spring, and for good reason. ShotSpotter is a gunshot detection business headquartered in Newark, California. The company provides gunshot detection products through a SaaS-based subscription model to clients around the globe. At the moment, ShotSpotter has clients located in the United States and South Africa. Company executives are adamant it will not be long until Shotspotter products are used in other regions of the world. The company's share price has double since last summer's initial public offering. The question is whether the stock will continue to climb, or if it will cool ...Continue reading

The Benefits of Investing in a Self-Directed IRA

Many investors find themselves choosing between their retirement account and their own personal investment portfolio. Why not have both? Investors are used to thinking of their retirement accounts as being controlled by their brokerage, but they don't have to be. A self-directed IRA is the perfect tool for knowledgeable investors who want to take control of their financial future. Self-directed IRAs have all the benefits of a regular IRA, including being tax advantaged, while letting you control the investments made. IRAs Let You Build Tax-Advantaged Wealth First, let's start with why people should invest in IRAs at all: because it's ...Continue reading