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This Weeds out the Winners from Losers

Sometimes I get asked the question, “Does luck have anything to do with getting rich?” Well sure it does…if you plan to make your money by winning the lottery or becoming a movie star. Then yes, luck has everything to do with it. In general though, for the rest of us, luck is for suckers. [...]

How to Deal With Haters and Naysayers

My wife and I were at the local branch of our bank the other day. We were there to open up a checking account for a new business we are starting together. As we were introduced to the gentleman that would be helping us, he conversationally asked what type of business we would be opening. [...]

What’s Preventing You from Achieving Your Dream?

Before I left my cushy 9-5 corporate job to start my first online business I considered many things Would I be successful? How would I fund it? What if I failed? Would anybody want the things I would sell? I thought about all these objections and more for a long time. In fact I thought [...]



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