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Zuckerberg’s ‘Personalized Learning’ May Crumble in Wake of FB Controversy

Just a year ago, tech billionaires Mark Zuckerberg and Bill Gates announced a joint plan to fund an initiative into promote what they called "personalized learning." Personalized learning would tailor learning around children, studying the ways in which they learned and developing coursework that was attuned to individual students. The goal would be to create an individualized, independent learning plan for each student, making it easier for them to self-educate and reach important milestones at the same time as their peers. However, recent issues with Facebook's data privacy may make this investment more complicated. Personalized Learning in a Data-Driven World ...Continue reading

Oil Prices Trend Higher as the Administration Attacks OPEC

It's expected that the average cost of gasoline may reach $3 a gallon shortly, with demand increasing to a record level of 9.86 million barrels a day. With unemployment low and the economy stabilizing, consumers are driving more and spending more -- both of which factor into gas and energy costs. Summer driving months are likely to increase this demand even further, even as tensions in the Middle East continue to rise. All of this is good news for the United States domestic oil and gas markets. In a move that surprised absolutely no one, President Donald Trump sounded off ...Continue reading

Today’s Top Money Problems (And How to Fix Them)

Society has come a long way in a relatively short period of time thanks to a slew of technological advances and developments designed to change the way we do things – and for the better. But, progress isn’t without its setbacks, and many of these setbacks rear their head when it comes to money. Unheard of just half a century ago, here’s a look at some of today’s top money problems (and what you can do to avoid or resolve them). Credit Card Debt Outstanding credit card debt in the United States stands at currently more than $1 trillion. The ...Continue reading

4 Things You Should Never Use a Credit Card to Purchase

Don’t have the money in your checking account or the cash on hand to pay for some sort of bigger purchase? Chances are you’ve just come to pulling out your credit card to proceed with the transaction. After all, it’s the convenient, easy option, and with outstanding credit card debt having recently surpassed the $1 trillion mark, it’s something that a lot of Americans are doing. Paying for items, no matter how big or how small, isn’t necessarily a bad thing -- especially if you can pay it off and not carry a balance from month to month that accrues ...Continue reading

Netflix Shares See Boost Following Subscription Reports

Netflix opened April at $280.29, but managed to hit a record high of $336.06 by the 17th of the same month. What's going on with this foundational tech stock? And should buyers wait for it to fall or start buying in now? Though Netflix was initially hit hard by the damage that also took down Facebook and Google, it was able to quickly rebound on the wake of its Q1 reports. With a high subscriber count and earnings report, Netflix was able to pull itself up quite quickly. Recent reports show Netflix at a subscriber account of 125 million throughout ...Continue reading