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GDP Growth Nearing 4 Percent – Just What the New Tax Law Promised

Though the new tax law that was officially signed into law around Christmas 2017 divided Washington, D.C. - not to mention much of the country - along party lines, Republicans were confident they could "sell" it to their constituents for a variety of reasons. Arguably the biggest reason was the fact that many Americans would be getting taxed less, thereby receiving more take-home pay in their checks. Now, however, they perhaps have an even better way to sell it - the tax cuts have helped drive the economy in ways not seen in years. Specifically, the gross domestic product, or ...Continue reading

Why Wall Street Investors are Loving Scooter Startups

If you've been to any big city lately, chances are you've noticed something cruising the streets. No, we're not talking about Segways, bicycles or pedal pubs (though those still seem to have their place in tourist-heavy downtowns). We're talking about scooters -- electric scooters to be specific. And if you take a look at some of the interest on Wall Street when it comes to the startups that are building this trend, this likely isn't going to be just some fad. Why Wall Street Loves the Scooter If you take a look at the bike sharing model that many cities ...Continue reading

The Best Paying Jobs in America in 2018

America's highest paying jobs have been shifting over the past few decades, owing to change in our economic outlook and our major industries. Understanding the best paying jobs in America isn't just important for those currently looking for work (or contemplating a change). The best paying jobs also reflect changes in industry; they show the sectors that are most likely to grow in the coming years. Here are the best-paying jobs to have in the United States for 2018: Anesthesiologists, Surgeons, and OBGYNs Healthcare is still one of the major expenses in America. The United States has the highest per ...Continue reading

Tesla Cuts 9% Of Its Staff: What Does This Mean for the Company?

Tesla has been up and down throughout 2018, with allegations ranging from poor safety procedures to anti-union activity. Recently, Tesla let go of 3,000 employees, which is the largest layoff yet for the company. This has thrown the company into another round of criticism and scrutiny. The media has been sending mixed messages about Elon Musk's staff. On June 13th, 2018, Bloomberg published "Fired Tesla Workers Still Love Elon Musk." In it, they referenced a number of positive tweets, including, "Thanks for the opportunity, Elon! Eye on the mission. Will always be proud to say I worked for Tesla." A ...Continue reading

Look Out Walmart and Amazon — Target Has Entered the Delivery Market

Good businesses are proactive, not reactive. They stay up with current trends and strive to be first to market with their own innovative concepts or technologies. While you may not associate big box stores with innovation (after all, they're supposed to be carrying and selling the products you're pining for), retail wars are nothing new. And one of the ways that various big box retailers have attempted to create a competitive advantage and compete with online giants such as are various initiatives to make it easier to purchase the things that customers are looking for. Things like online ordering ...Continue reading