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Self-Driving Cars On the Road: How is the Industry Changing?

Everyone’s getting into the self-driving car game — even Ford, with its new spin-off, “Ford Autonomous Vehicles LLC.” Yet the self-driving cars of today look a lot different from the self-driving cars being pitched just a few years ago, with slower, boxier models that are more feasible for our current technology. The next few years … Continue reading “Self-Driving Cars On the Road: How is the Industry Changing?”

India’s Struggling Currency Matters to Everyone

India is currently ranked as the sixth largest economy in the world by GDP, so it’s understandable that any economic woes related to the country could have a significant impact on the economy of the other nations. As a growing and developing nation, India has been encountering unique challenges, especially due to its large population … Continue reading “India’s Struggling Currency Matters to Everyone”

Software Maker Ambarella is a Stock You Need to Sell

Ambarella (NASDAQ: AMBA) makes chips, software and codecs for high-definition cameras used in a number of products across an array of industries. This chipmaker’s stock is currently priced around $38.88. The company is currently attempting to pivot toward security and automobile sectors, yet the transition will take some time. At the moment, it is best … Continue reading “Software Maker Ambarella is a Stock You Need to Sell”

Jobs Openings at Record Highs — Because People are Quitting

Have you ever been so fed up with your boss or your current employer that all you wanted to do was stick it to them and quit on the spot? While we’re certainly not one to recommend that you go burning a bridge as it pertains to your professional career, there’s arguably no better time … Continue reading “Jobs Openings at Record Highs — Because People are Quitting”

Buying A Home Or Investing In Stock: What’s The Better Option?

They say that buying a home should be considered an investment, as it’s often the biggest financial commitment that an individual will make over the course of his or her lifetime. If you play your cards right and put in the necessary work, the return on investment can be significant down the road when you’re … Continue reading “Buying A Home Or Investing In Stock: What’s The Better Option?”

What to Do with Shopify’s Stock Right Now

Shopify (NYSE: SHOP) is a behind-the-scenes business investors should pay attention to. Shopify’s e-commerce platforms have proven wildly popular. These services bridge suppliers to retailers and consumers. In fact, the Shopify platform is advanced to the point that it can decipher buying trends and habits to help retailers sell with optimal efficiency. Those who follow … Continue reading “What to Do with Shopify’s Stock Right Now”

Amazon is Bringing Cashier-Free Stores to New York

If you’ve ever wished you could just go to Amazon and grab the thing that you want, your wish has been granted. Amazon is about to bring cashier free, brick-and-mortar stores to New York, expanding a program that could revolutionize the retail industry. Investors and consumers alike should be looking forward to an entirely new … Continue reading “Amazon is Bringing Cashier-Free Stores to New York”

How Big Tech Plans to Side-Step Trump’s Tariffs

Tech companies are worried — and they probably should be. New Chinese tariffs could have some widespread ramifications, including delaying a switchover to 5G cellular service. The White House could be rendering tariffs against $200 billion of goods from China shortly, and that’s going to have a significant influence throughout the tech industry. In particular, … Continue reading “How Big Tech Plans to Side-Step Trump’s Tariffs”

Survey Suggests Facebook’s Glory Days are Over

To say that it’s been a tough, albeit self-inflicted, year for Facebook would be quite the understatement. The company was outed by the FBI when it was reported that Facebook inadvertently allowed Russian hackers to spread false news in the days leading up to the 2016 presidential election earlier this year. Then, of course, there … Continue reading “Survey Suggests Facebook’s Glory Days are Over”

Amazon Joins Apple in the Trillion Dollar Club

Move over Apple, now you’ve got some competition when it comes to the elusive $1 trillion market value. Yes, as of September 4, the tech leader now has company from Amazon, which became the nation’s second-ever company to reach the $1 trillion milestone. Apple reached it in early August, and Amazon, a company that hasn’t … Continue reading “Amazon Joins Apple in the Trillion Dollar Club”

Record-Setting Trump Economy Nears 50-Year Best

The surging U.S. economy added another 201,000 jobs as unemployment claims fell to a 49-year low in what appears to be a record best. Month after month, the experts under-predict a booming jobs market, and August was no different. The opportunities for employment continue to outpace both expectations and the number of available workers. Driven … Continue reading “Record-Setting Trump Economy Nears 50-Year Best”

Is Box’s (BOX) Tumble a Buying Opportunity?

Shares of Box (NYSE: BOX) have fallen in recent weeks following the company’s slightly disappointing earnings results. Though the company’s second quarter results certainly had some highlights, investors are clearly concerned about the cloud storage provider’s performance. Those who have been waiting on the sidelines to scoop up Box following such a price decline just … Continue reading “Is Box’s (BOX) Tumble a Buying Opportunity?”

What to Do About Bilibili’s Surging Value

Bilibili (NASDAQ: BILI) shares have skyrocketed of late following the tech giant’s solid quarterly results. The mobile game maker’s revenue increased 76% to more than $155 million, surpassing Wall Street estimates by a considerable margin. Though Bilibili has a net loss of $10.6 million, which represents about a 20% larger loss than the year prior, … Continue reading “What to Do About Bilibili’s Surging Value”

Paper is Getting More Expensive — Why This Matters for Everything Else

International paper costs continue to rise, complicating the manufacturing processes of companies in many industries. Businesses that rely primarily upon low cost paper products may need to be particularly aggressive about sourcing and negotiations in the days to come, as profit margins are becoming leaner. This year, both the Canadian markets and the Chinese markets … Continue reading “Paper is Getting More Expensive — Why This Matters for Everything Else”

Inside Best Buy’s Unexpected Comeback

If you flashback to around five years ago, you’d likely be reading headlines about how Best Buy was as good as dead. Yes, the big box retailer that made its name in price matching its competitors was effectively getting run out of business by Amazon, the same online giant that helped take down Circuit City … Continue reading “Inside Best Buy’s Unexpected Comeback”

This is What’s Next for the U.S. Housing Market

We’ve covered the hot seller’s housing market pretty extensively here, but there are some more trends emerging as we head into the fall season that are certainly worth bringing up. For starters, real estate agents haven’t been closing as many deals lately. While we’ll get more into that later in this piece, part of the … Continue reading “This is What’s Next for the U.S. Housing Market”

Trump Wants to Regulate Google: Could This Hurt the Search Engine?

Trump’s top economic advisor is currently taking a look at regulating Google — the consequences of which could be far reaching. President Donald Trump himself has often questioned whether Google search results are legitimate, or whether they could be gamed or biased. As a private enterprise, Google has some leeway regarding its search results. However, … Continue reading “Trump Wants to Regulate Google: Could This Hurt the Search Engine?”