Job Creation: Donald Trump vs. Barack Obama

If there wasn’t so much disinformation coming from the suited goons on CNN, we could sum up this review of the job creation abilities of Trump vs Obama thusly: Trump = Quality / Obama = Quantity.

Obama lowered the unemployment rate by encouraging businesses to create low paying jobs. These jobs made it possible for workers to come off the unemployed roles. But, as you might have noticed, the term “under-employed” became kind of a big deal over the past eight years. Talk about a trickle-down economy…

All throughout Obama’s two terms, all you got was a steady stream of low wage, part-time jobs that no one could live on. Following this, what we heard was the constant drone of left-wing neophytes calling for a higher minimum wage, free college tuition, universal income and the like. And it makes sense, after all, since the unemployment rate was so low — then obviously things were going as well as they possibly could without dropping the entire population straight onto the social floor.

In the end, the reaction of major employers was predictable. They started replacing workers with automated vending interfaces. In other words, the so-called liberals got what they wanted — a deeper level of dependency for working-aged people on a political party that promises the moon and delivers the gulag.

Of course, anyone who criticized Obama’s work on the job market was quickly shut down with accusations of racism. So, we had to wait for Trump to come along and fix things so that we raise an eyebrow, purse our lips, and say, “I told you so.”

Obama said things like, “Those factory jobs aren’t coming back.” But they are coming back, Mr. Obama. What have you got to say for yourself now?

At around the beginning of Summer 2017, The Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that Trump added 738,000 new jobs. Obama lost over 3 million jobs by April 2009. Obama was so clueless that by the end of his second term, he said the jobs weren’t coming back.

The BLS also reported that Trump decreased unemployment each month following his inauguration. Unemployment in January 2017 was 4.8%. By April, it fell to 4.4%. Obama’s unemployment rate went in the opposite direction. In his first 120 days, unemployment increased from 7.8% to 9%.

But don’t worry, we were told. Everybody who lost their jobs would be getting a free Obama Phone to help them pound the pavement on their next job search. Let us not forget that the Obama administration also leveraged the numbers of people who gave up looking for work as being among those who were no longer officially unemployed. After all, they must be getting by somehow, right? If they aren’t in the unemployment line- they’ve probably turned to selling Canadian painkillers on the street. Now that’s a job, baby!

Jobs started coming back to the US from overseas the minute Trump was elected. Captains of industry knew from Trump’s record as a majorly successful businessman that he understood what he was talking about. During the campaign, he said he would no longer punish companies for keeping their production facilities in the US, and he would no longer reward them for exporting jobs.

Business leaders took him seriously. Before Trump’s inauguration, Ford brought factories with well-paying jobs back to the United States. So did a major telecommunications firm, and foreign companies started making moves to bring their factories here as well.

These are the very jobs that Obama said we not coming back.

Now, if you wanted to gut the American working force, what would you do? You would incentive companies to export jobs with a system of punishments for keeping those jobs at home. That is what had been happening ever since Bill Clinton took office. He started the job slashing party with NAFTA. Bush Jr. carried the job-killing torch, and Obama turned it up to 11.

The American worker survived by re-branding himself, taking on new skills and starting freelance careers. This was easier on the coasts, but middle America had nothing to cling to. Thanks to Trump, all of that is changing. And the people whose dirty work he is undoing are losing their minds.


Ethan Warrick
Wealth Authority