Making Trump’s Tax Plan Work for You

As liberals argue the political shortcomings of Trump’s economic plans, smart people are figuring out how to use the money that will come back to them to increase wealth.

With more economic opportunity than ever being offered to all Americans, we owe it to ourselves and to our families to take advantage of current executive policies. Here are just a few of the ways that you can take advantage of Trump’s new tax plan to create wealth that you can pass down to your family for generations.

Protect Your Family

One of the most important aspects of Trump’s new tax plan is the removal of many mandates and extra payments from the Obama administration. These savings will be coming directly back to you in the form of hard cash. You will see larger paychecks and less money owed when tax time rolls around in April of next year. Use the time value of this money to protect yourself and your family with relevant insurance packages.

Conservatives are working to create a more competitive space for insurance companies around the nation. This means that health insurance, life insurance and other important types of protection packages will be cheaper than ever. Invest in them now so that you can save money later; you never know what might happen after Trump’s years in the Oval Office are up.

Broaden Investments

If you own a business, set up a SEP IRA so that you can defer even more tax payments. A normal IRA has a $5,000 limit on annual contributions as of 2017. However, a separate IRA has a limit that is much higher. You save taxes on your money now and when you pay them at disbursement.

Gold and other precious metals are among the safest and most durable investments that you can participate in. With Trump’s tax plan putting money back into your pocket, you will have more expendable income than ever to put into investments like this.

You may face the temptation to move into less secure, more speculative investments. Put off the urge to gamble until you have set up yourself and your family with the wealth that you need to sustain your retirement.

Real estate values are projected to in the Trump years as confidence returns to the market. However, interest rates are still historically low. According to many experts, there has never been a better time to invest in a new piece of real estate, whether for residential or commercial purposes. Property has historically been a very good investment for individuals and families, and you can use property as an asset to finance other expansions of your wealth.

The economy is recovering, and there is more expendable income in the economy than previous years. People will have even more money thanks to Trump’s tax cuts! If you really want to take advantage of the coming boom, start a business that your friends and neighbors can use.

Get Politically Involved

Things may be getting better now with Trump’s tax plan and other policies; however, will things stay this way?

They may, but only if you keep the policies that Trump has implemented in place. Start with your local community. Any businessman will tell you that one of the best investments that anyone can make is in his local political structure. Find candidates who will pledge to keep Trump policies going in the coming years and invest to make sure that your candidates get in.

Economic experts are predicting a return to form in the American economy during the Trump years. New small business ventures are flourishing. No matter what you are looking to accomplish in your life, now is the time. Take the tips above to consolidate Trump era wealth into your family and use it to build fruitful things in the coming years.


Ethan Warrick
Wealth Authority