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How to Become Not Only Successful but Dominate Your Competition

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It’s very rare for a new business to be introduced and immediately dominate its competitors. Usually that takes years, sometimes even decades to achieve. Like I said it’s rare, although not unheard of. Take Google for example. When it came online in 1998 it shot to the top as the world’s most popular search engine. [...]

6 Classic Business Mistakes That Can Collapse Your Business


Many people want to be their own boss and run their own online business, but most of them fail very quickly. I’ve been there too, my friend. Even though now I run multiple online businesses, one of which makes over a million dollars a year I have to admit that I wasn’t always so self-assured [...]

Expanding Your Small Business…Good Idea or Bad Idea

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A few months ago I was hanging out with some of my friends having a couple of beers and shooting the breeze.  I’m not quite sure how this happened, it certainly wasn’t intentional, but I have a lot of friends who are small business owners. So like usual our conversation turned to business, with each [...]

The Most Used and Most Important Skill

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Several years ago I spoke at a conference for internet marketers in South Florida. I spoke endlessly about ways to start and grow an online business. After each session I spoke at I would ask the crowd if they had any questions. Inevitably, there were many. I don’t remember what anyone asked me, except for [...]

Top 5 Mistakes New Businesses Make

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Over six years ago I quit my cushy 9 to 5 job. I told my boss I was sick of working FOR the man and instead I wanted to be the MAN. Since then I have started four online businesses and helped dozens more get off the ground and up and running. I guess you [...]

Building an Email List in the Fastest Possible Way


Tell me if you’ve heard this phrase before; “The money is in the list.” Email marketers like myself live and die by this line. And after twelve years in the business I still find it true today. The popular phrase refers to subscriber lists. Email marketers make their money by growing a list of subscribers, [...]

Using Twitter for Fun and Profit


Well crap, they told me I was doing it wrong again. Twitter. I just read a new study that shattered what I’d been told about how to use the social media tool. I can’t say I’m surprised. Businesses and people are still on a journey to figure out this whole social media whirlwind. But it’s [...]

Building Your Own Email List

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Running a business requires two things: time and money. What if you only have your time to give? Can you still run a successful online business? I say you can. I run an information driven business. My business model includes sending out weekly articles to friends who wish to learn how to run a more [...]

How to Make Hiring Friends and Family Work

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Donald Trump did it successfully. Southwest Airlines thrives on it. Hell, even I did it. Many great businesses have been built using friends and family. So how come everybody says “NEVER hire friends or family?” Donald Trump hired three of his children to work for his real estate company. Southwest Airlines boasts it has 763 [...]

How to Create Products Customers Love


Last week I spoke to you about recessions being one of the BEST times to start that online business you’ve always dreamed of.  Many of today’s most successful businesses were started during recessions and depressions. I hoped my article showed you how you can be successful by taking advantage of these economic rough times. If [...]

How to Find Your Personal Money Tree

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Money doesn’t grow on trees is the saying. But I seem to have one at my house. Sound impossible? Let me explain. See a number of years ago I quit my cushy nine to five job in favor of starting my own business. I can’t believe I ever had the balls to do exactly that, [...]

What’s Preventing You from Achieving Your Dream?

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Before I left my cushy 9-5 corporate job to start my first online business I considered many things. •    Would I be successful? •    How would I fund it? •    What if I failed? •    Would anybody want the things I would sell? I thought about all these objections and more for a long time. [...]

Want to Start A Business? Find Your Niche


You know you want to. You want to stop worrying what your boss thinks, make more money, be happier, forget about playing office politics, get more flexibility in your schedule and be your own boss. But starting a business is scary and risky. At least that’s what everyone tells me. Maybe that was true for [...]

The Case of Self Sabotage


I once knew a man who, outwardly, was a very successful businessman and a brilliant salesman. I worked with this man for many years and I always admired his enthusiasm and dedication to his business. He worked really hard – sometimes twelve hours a day and most weekends. This man was going places. Outwardly he [...]

Defining Success


When I was getting my first online business up and running I was very giddy. I was excited and talked about how successful I was going to be incessantly. One night at dinner when I was in the middle of another gleeful rant about the new business my wife asked me a question that stopped [...]

Outsourcing-How to do it the Right Way

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Outsourcing was once something only the big boys did. Corporations like Microsoft, Apple, and Bank of America have all outsourced some part of their business. In today’s world through advances in technology and the globalization of our work force outsourcing is something even the little guys like you and me can take advantage of. For [...]

How to Deal With Haters and Naysayers


My wife and I were at the local branch of our bank the other day. We were there to open up a checking account for a new business we are starting together. As we were introduced to the gentleman that would be helping us, he conversationally asked what type of business we would be opening. [...]

It Doesn’t Always Pay To Be the First


When Christopher Columbus landed in America he declared himself the first to ever set foot in this new land. The truth is the first people to discover America came here hundreds if not thousands of years before him. If you do a search on Google you’ll find articles stating everyone from the Vikings to the [...]

Overcoming Difficulties: The Story of David and Goliath


Several years ago a series of books were published that drew a lot of criticism and praise.  People were astounded at the correlations the authors found between things that on the surface had nothing to do with each other. The authors were called racist and immoral as well as heralded as true thinkers and exceptional [...]

Building Your Own Email List


Running a business requires two things: time and money. What if you only have your time to give? Can you still run a successful online business? I say you can. I run an information driven business. My business model includes sending out weekly articles to friends who wish to learn how to make money from [...]

Why ‘I Have Nothing to Hide’ Isn’t a Good Reason to Not Care That the Government Is Spying On You

American Flag

I knew the United States government was lying to me. I didn’t need Edward Snowden to tell me that. I just thought the lies were going to be about the existence of Area 51 or the promise of Social Security when I retire. I certainly didn’t expect that the lies the government is feeding me [...]

This Weeds out the Winners from Losers

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Sometimes I get asked the question, “Does luck have anything to do with getting rich?” Well sure it does…if you plan to make your money by winning the lottery or becoming a movie star. Then yes, luck has everything to do with it. In general though, for the rest of us, luck is for suckers. [...]

Everything you’ve been taught about money is exactly what’s keeping you poor.

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You can see the Great Wall of China from space! We’ve all heard this before, right? Don’t swallow your gum! It stays in your body for years. Well that’s true…isn’t it? Your hair and nails continue growing even after you die! You were grossed out by this notion, but you still believed it didn’t you? [...]

Are Bad Times Really a Blessing?


This week I’m going to talk about something different… something that will allow you to look at the negative in a completely different light. Hey, it wasn’t me who burned the economy by allowing banks to leverage their assets by 30:1, I’m just the spectator trying to make my way through the aftermath. Politicians and [...]

I Made A Million Dollars Last Year, Working Just A Few Hours A Week Using A Protocol I Didn’t Invent!

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It was always my dream to retire early. I just never thought I’d be able to retire this early, while I’m still in my 30′s. Retiring early is a common dream among Americans. It rates highly on nearly every poll that targets mid-life and senior Americans. Who wouldn’t want to stop commuting to an office [...]



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