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Twitter Stock Tanks: What it Means for All of Social Media

On Friday, the Washington Post reported that Twitter had deleted 70 million accounts through May and June after finding them to be fake. Though the announcement was made after the market had closed on Friday, Monday quickly showed the results of the news: Twitter's stock fell sharply on July 9th, from $46.70 to $42.48, before recovering slightly to close at $44.10. Twitter has been cleaning up its platform in the wake of new bot accounts that have been discovered -- including Russian accounts that were believed to have influenced the 2016 U.S. presidential election. Twitter itself has 336 million monthly ...Continue reading

American Companies Have Never Owed This Much Money

American companies currently have a total of $6.3 trillion in debt -- more than they ever have before. To a certain extent, taking on large loads of debt can be normal during periods of economic recovery. But, it isn't wise for companies to keep this debt, and it's even riskier for companies to continue leveraging themselves. CEOs may be over-leveraging companies, especially in the retail industry, in the interest of securing profit now -- even though this could lead to a weakened position in the event of a recession. Setting New Records Interest rates have been extremely low for some ...Continue reading

Is Netflix Still a Wall Street Winner?

Netflix (NASDAQ: NFLX) has been a Wall Street darling since 2015, and it is hard to believe it went public in 2002 at $1.21 per share. Currently priced at $390, Netflix is now one of the world's ten 10 largest web companies based on revenue. The streaming service has become so popular, consumers are using the it to watch online content more than other platform aside from cable television. Some surveys show Netflix has even surpassed cable in terms of viewership. The fact that Netflix is particularly popular amongst the widely-coveted millennial cohort makes investors salivate over the stock that ...Continue reading

Is it Time for Investors to Pay Attention to Dating Apps?

Match Group (NASDAQ: MTCH), the owner of several popular online dating websites, is currently priced at $38.59. Match's 52-week high is just under $49. The company's 52-week low is a mere $17. Match subsidiaries Plentyoffish Media, Hinge, Eureka and have proven wildly successful in recent years. Let's break down this love-maker to determine if it should be a part of your portfolio. The Business of Love Love has been and always will be in demand. Even if humanity eventually transitions toward automated "sexbots" for affection in the decades to come, Match could easily transition to pairing people for social ...Continue reading

Banks are Embracing Artificial Intelligence — is That Really a Bad Thing?

Chances are you’re at least vaguely familiar with the storyline from the popular Terminator films. You know, how the Skynet artificial intelligence program becomes self-aware, infects computer servers and calls upon terminators to defend itself from the human race. It’s arguably the most well-known example of artificial intelligence (AI) gone bad. A more recent example is the plot of the hit HBO series “Westworld,” where the robot theme park hosts eventually become self-aware, and then plot a course to escape from their fictional environment to live in the real world - taking down any human or park guest that stands ...Continue reading