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Sears Declares Bankruptcy: What Led to the Retailer’s Self-Destruction?

Established in 1886, there was a time when Sears, Roebuck and Company was one of the largest corporate powers in America. Initially a mail order catalog, Sears branched into everything from children's toys to entire homes. Sears has established brands such as Craftsman and Kenmore, and introduced such ubiquitous things as the Discover Credit Card. Now in 2018, it finds itself declaring bankruptcy and closing an additional 142 stores, A popular theory is that Sears was destroyed by the internet. Brick-and-mortar retail stores have found it hard-going in recent years, and there's a certain irony to the idea of a ...Continue reading

Facebook’s Latest Data Breach Affected 30 Million Users

Though earlier it was reported that over 90 million users might have been effected, Facebook has now pared it down to approximately 29 million users. That's not necessarily a relief; in fact, consumer faith in Facebook has likely never been lower. Facebook has been the target of multiple high profile data breaches in recent memory, but as there are few functional alternatives to the platform, it hasn't lost a significant portion of its user base. In the most recent data breach, criminals were able to hijack user access tokens in order to access information such as an individual's phone number, ...Continue reading

Understanding Appian’s Heavy Market Correction

Appian (APPN), a software-as-a-service (SaaS) company, reached $43 this past June. Today, the stock is at $23 following what appears to be a market correction that might not be over. Is this the time to buy a tech growth stock like Appian? Should APPN holders dump their shares and sit on the sidelines until the market stabilizes? Let's take a closer look. Headquartered in Reston, Virginia, Appian is leading the way in the transition to low-code software development. The company had been on a nice roll up until September when shares were priced just under $40. Appian, a SaaS specialist, ...Continue reading

What to Do (And NOT to Do) About the Market Sell Off

It's probably an understatement to say that the drops in the Dow last week had people a bit uneasy. On Wednesday, October 10, the Dow fell by more than 800 points as tech stocks largely took a tumble. It dropped again when the bell rung on Thursday morning, though not as drastically as it did a day earlier. There are a few explanations behind the stock market's fall, and the reasoning you get is largely based on who you ask. The President, as well as many investing analysts, have explained the fall as the market righting itself. After all, a ...Continue reading

Want to Get ROI Out of Your Savings Account? Here’s Where to Invest

Any expert will tell you that a good investment strategy isn't merely one or two specific tactics, but a whole slew of various actions designed to increase your wealth. There's investing in the stock market, retirement savings, IRAs, real estate and more. And though it's not typically viewed as an aggressive wealth building strategy, even your savings account can be looked at as a long-term investment. One problem with savings accounts, however, is that you're often adding and withdrawing from them. Another problem with savings accounts is that the interest rates aren't usually all that lucrative. In fact, the average ...Continue reading