Biden Could Make America Poor Again Through HEAVY Taxation

President Donald Trump resurrected the American Dream by cutting taxes, reworking trade deals, and bringing back job opportunities. If Joe Biden wins the White House based on the Dec. 14 Electoral College vote, his tax policy could make America poor, again.

The Biden tax plan bears a striking resemblance to debilitating policies of the Obama years. That’s no accident. The Obama-Biden administration were staunch advocates of raising taxes on those they targeted as “the rich.” From 2009 through 2016, that included any household that earned $250,000. Many of those families were small and mid-sized business owners who created jobs and earned enough to fund retirement and pay for their children’s in-state college tuition.

During the Obama-Biden years, the median household income was just over $57,000 in 2009. When the pair turned the reins over to Trump, they had managed to move the chains to just over $60,000 — about $3,000.

Since then, President Trump and the GOP enacted the Tax Cuts & Jobs Act that shot family incomes to over $68,000 in 2019. That’s $8,000 in three years with 2020 gains yet to be tallied. In terms of unemployment, it’s well known that Trump and the GOP helped drive the rate to its lowest in more than 50 years before the pandemic hit. Since the country was forced to shutter the economy, unemployment has already been cut in half. Those accomplishments are unprecedented and about to be undone if a pair of Georgia runoff races give Democrats 50 U.S. Senate seats, and Biden ascends to the White House.

A recent analysis by the Wall Street Journal culled information from the liberal-leaning Tax Policy Center to highlight what a Biden wish list would look like. His published policy plan would be to target “rich people” whose family income exceeds $400,000. Again, many are business owners who employ blue-collar Americans and helped drive unemployment down. These are critical findings that working families should be concerned about.

  • Higher Income Taxes: Rates would spike to pre-2018 levels, and taxpayers earning at or above $400,000 would pay approximately 3 percent more.
  • Capital Gains Tax Hikes: Rates on dividends would surge from 23.8 percent to nearly 40 percent.
  • Social Security Taxes: Biden would impose a Social Security-related tax of 12.4 percent on people who have other revenue sources after retirement age. Seniors currently incur no additional taxes until income reaches $142,000.
  • Reduce Pass-Through Deduction: Business owners who use the convenient 199A pass-thru deduction created in 2017 that allows them to offset business losses by as much as 20 percent would lose some, if not all, of the deduction. The 199A deduction helped create jobs by minimizing business losses and offsetting investment.

Biden likes to tell Democrat audiences he will reverse the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act that spurred economic growth and benefited blue-collar Americans and business owners alike. He then tells moderates he won’t kill deductions that help them pay the mortgage and create opportunity for their children.

If Democrats control both chambers of Congress and the White House, as they did before 2010, they will wage an economic war on working families. That’s how Americans were shackled with Obamacare that forced blue-collar families to buy useless policies or pay a tax fine. If Biden and the Democrats get carte blanche power, they will make America poor and dependent all over again.

48 thoughts on “Biden Could Make America Poor Again Through HEAVY Taxation”

  1. It is then imperative we win he two run off elections for the U.S.Senate in Georgia leaving Republicans I charge and Nancy Pelosi Democratic Control Congress with her smallest majority since the great Depression!

      1. No he will bankrupt the country, under Obama it was close , The Countries credit rating went for a A+ to a D- under Obama, Trump returned it to a A , but since it’s not a healthy A , all it will take is to restart the Obama’s policies and it will drop to a F short time

  2. America is becoming a dog pound of mutt’s , un-American politician’s are out to bring America down , but what they don’t count on is were Americans proud strong and resilient , we can withstand anything they throw at us , we are more that they can stand , they picked the wrong country to dismantle . And democrates who’s your God ? Jesus Christ our savior and his prophecies will endure . It’s America first .

  3. Why would U.S. Citizens want this:
    1. Return to Iranian Nuclear disaster: joe and Barrack already sent them $1.5 Billion in cash. (How much was their cut)?
    2. Return to Paris Clean Air Act: Another way to siphon U.S. Tax $$$’s out of the country!
    3. The most corrupt government in our history. Even now, none of the crooks, after 4 years are in prison. Even after they did an illegal coup d’Etat and impeachment.
    This is what we can look forward to with Biden at the helm.

    1. You are so right. Today he and Schummer said to
      erase the student loan debts with no action from
      the universities that charge high tuition while having
      billions in their donations. The people that
      voted for him will see the restoration of the previous
      administration only the names reversed Biden/Obama.
      He wants to install the president of the teacher’s union
      to be Sec of Education. Imagine how students will be
      on the losing end. They spend and spend and who will
      pay but the taxpayer. The rich guys have loopholes.

          1. Call it kike you see it. It’s not Mama Harris it is H.U.H.. She didn’t get to where she is on her own with out the H.U. part.

  4. Of course he will. I don’t understand how intelligent people could not see this coming. Democrats are notorious for raising taxes, twisting the truth about what their “for your good” policies really do to you and your family.

    1. I totally agree…follow the news before voting or don’t vote at all!! Know what the candidates have to say about policy and how it will effect your life. Joe Biden campaigned on the lousy job President Trump did on Covid-19,
      but he never could offer a plan that was better or even different! President Trump earned another 4 years and Joe Biden shouldn’t even have been a candidate for president. Very sad state of affairs!

      1. Trump didn’t do a bad job, he did what he could, and the media made it look bad. The reason Biden come up with something better was that there is anything better, these thing are shoot from the hip type of things, you have to try this then that. Then he had these so-called experts that get trying to change the rules every 5 minutes, that made a lot of sense. Listen to the experts that don’t know what they are doing. Trump is no expert, but he was right more than the experts or media or the demonicrats. Everything he said came true, everything the demonicrats said got flushed. Just keep listening to the media and they will bury you.

      2. He didn’t win the election, he stole it. Don’t get down on people for voting for him because they did not. Why do you think they stopped counting votes at 10 PM on election night. They had to put their illegal Biden ballots in.

    2. A lot of them hate Beijing Biden, but they hate Trump more… they have had the lies and the hate pounded in them for 4 years and instead of looking at all the good Trump has done for the country and the American people, they listened the vicious hate filled lies of Beijing Biden, the democRATS and the MSM.. Beijing Biden’s ENTIRE campaign was based on the vicious lies about Trump…they pounded it into the people who listed, that Trump did nothing his entire 4 years and he especially attacked Trump telling people he did nothing to stop the virus…

  5. Biden has been collecting money for his “Cure Cancer Scam” He collected almost 5mil. Spent 3mil on his staff ,2 mil on his travel and homes .NOT 1 cent went to Cancer. So keep on voting these swamp crooks in ,Obama .Clintons (Also collected Mils. for whatever and not 1 cent has gone to help anyone but themselves.)Obama is now shooting his mouth off trying to protect his war mongering,wasting trillions of tax payers money feeding the swamp. Good old Demorates.

    1. Biden got that from the Clintons. The Clintons collected lots of money from other countries for their charities. Gave little to help people but paid Chelsea their daughter 900.000 dollars a year to run it. Nice rackett if you can get it.. Oh, Rodams, Hillery’s family was in the mafia.. Check it out.

  6. I have 2 daughters who voted for Biden…one said that Trump is,”that despicable Man” and the voted Democrat to make sure that “pre-existing conditions” doesn’t get taken away. Neither is a good enough reason to vote for Joe Biden, especially since Kamala is waiting to take his place as soon as those who “handle” Biden decide; she is really bad for America. I wish people would pay attention to policies before they vote for personalities!

    1. Thing is, Trump continually said he was going to protect “pre-existing conditions..” He had NO intentions of taking away the pre-existing conditions… the democRATS pounded into the people vicious lies about Trump and the MSM went right along with it… I don’t understand people who want to tear apart our country and destroy the American people by voting for Beijing Biden… Biden has dementia.. that is pretty obvious if anyone is paying attention… and it WILL get worse which means Harris will take over being president… GOD HELP US ALL

    2. Trump stated over and over again that he would never take out “pre-existing conditions”. Your girls should have watched his speeches………….He always knew how important that was to people. That “despicable man”. is what the professors in the Universities and colleges who are communists told the kids what Trump was, even before they knew anything about him. They, the students are brainwashed. Keep your kids out of the universities and colleges, so we can save our country.

  7. For Whom the tax Tolls? It tolls for thee! No matter how much we try to avoid an increase in taxes it is unavoidable. Even if a tax is reduced the cost of the item increases.

  8. does anyone remember Vanezuela? 1992 they were the richest country, Now they are starving and poor peasants, while the governments flourish.

  9. How about his so called cancer research fund. All money went to his buddies and none for research. Joe dementia will be gone in no time then we will have kamala….. so called friend of her people. Check her bloodlines and you will see her family owned slaves. Kettle calls the pot black hmmm. How about her holding evidence on a death sentence until court ordered her to give it up. Keeping people in prison longer than neededfor cheap labor for bankrupt california. Not to mention the blm get out of jail fund she started that released sex offenders and worse. Urkrane hunter and china joe will put us so far in the hole we will never see light of day again. China already keeping tabs on their buddy good ole joe. Now with all the current votes in massive doubt . Current real americians can see this is true. Not faith in the system again.

  10. I know that Bernie advocated FREE education and Kamala Harris also did the same. Ummmmmm, I’d like to ask, where will be money come then to pay educators, upkeep of schools, making sure books and science/biological equipment and other educational materials. I’m not a Wharton School of Economics grad, just a plain ol’ Jane.

  11. Makes me sick to think that TRUMP could have been loved like Ron Reagan IF he approached the country in a kinder gentler way. He could have accomplished all of the same things he did accomplish in a much quieter fashion. America was ready for a steady hand in the White House. Some one not connected to the past. If only Donald would have approached it from a different path. All of America will miss him sooner or later….

    1. When you have so many obstacles smacking you in the back and face constantly and trying to stop accomplishments you cannot let them and have people thinking you are milquetoast. The public needs to see you are a fighter fighting for their rights per the Constitution. Wanna be nice in this world doesn’t work. I believe most of the elite are jealous of Trump and not being a politician has done wonders for this country and it’s citizens.

    2. I’D like to see how you would have handled it if you were pounded 24-7,never a kind word , everything you did was bashed. Your wife and children were bashed every day, making fun of their clothes, shoes, even the way Melania decorated the White House at Christmas. The dishonest press and liberal haters never gave him one minutes peace for 4 years!! So tell me how anyone treated that way is suppose to act? I’m glad he wasn’t a quitter and its not over yet. God is in charge. Nothing happens by accident.

  12. Beijing Biden will devastate this country and drive more families into poverty… On top of all these higher taxes, Beijing Biden wants to give ALL illegal aliens free healthcare and free college on the backs of the American people… Beijing Biden’s policies are extremely bad for this country… GOD HELP US ALL

  13. Little O’s [email protected]

    Corrupt FBI
    Corrupt CIA
    Corrupt NSA
    Corrupt FISA Court
    Corrupt DOJ
    Negative Climate Change
    Negative immigration
    High Health Insurance Premiums
    High Health Care Costs
    High prescription Costs
    High Unemployment
    High Welfare
    High Job Loss
    High Slavery
    Bad Foreign Policy
    Bad Treaties
    Bad Trade Deals
    Increased National Dept. 12 Trillion Dollars

    Dagnabit that truly is a legacy.
    I bet that Trump could n0t beat that, if he tried.

  14. Why would anyone want Biden and Harris elected can’t they see that they will bankrupt the United States plus capital gains tax to go to at least 40% I cannot tell you how much I hate them as far as I am concerned obama is a piece of shit also

    1. AMEN.. I agree with you … Beijing Biden and Harris will devastate this country… Our country is doomed with them in office… They will destroy the American people… GOD HELP US ALL with them in office, it will be Good-bye to free America and hello socialism

    2. Because of all the free stuff that they are giving away. They are to stupid to see they are giving it to foreigners, and not to Americas children. They will give it to any foreign worker that will work for nothing, that way he can tax only Americans, to make them pay for everything.

    3. How can they bankrupt a country that is already bankrupt. Trump is smart He not only left them the money he put it in the pit so that they could go in after it, never to be see again. I love the way that he plays them. He has been doing it for years, and they still haven’t figured it out.

  15. Biden’s adjective is to completely eliminate the American Worker and replace them with cheap foreign labor, the cheaper the better. He does not care how they die just as long as they are gone. Then he will replace them with Chinese. this is the deal he made with president Xi.

  16. Gary Do you even understand your post?? Our country is in the best shape in over the last 50 year . get out of daddy’s basement . its young guys like you that his BIG taxes and high medicines and Everything else he can TAX ENJOY GARY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. how long do you think it will remain that way with the communist you just elected running it????? I think what Gary meant was he will replace them with his new voting base, the illegals he and KA MA LA and pelousy will let in?? they don’t care about the American workers here. they are apoleptic at the thought the American worker finally had a chance to taste the good life. almost didn’t have to watch grocery costs, housing, clothes, medicine ,etc. demon rats couldn’t have the slaves fleeing the plantations!!!!! have to keep them in line with their EBT cards, welfare checks, and subsidized housing. good little slaves, no rebellion… useful voters. sounds like you are old. be careful, Hidding Biden just tapped someone for his cabinet who says you are not Useful after the age of 75. unless you are Biden, Commander in Thief. look it up, then be afraid, be very afraid.

  17. well folks, you can thank do nothing DOJ, Barr, et al. they have all the evidence in the world to put hunter and Joe away, but as usual, money talks and bs walks. you can bet the bidens paid off a lot of people to steal the election and stay out of jail. you can bend over and hold your ankles, because the next four years, and all the years to come will hold demon rat presidents. the Republican Party is a party of windbags. all talk, no action. Trump should have gotten hold of the black looters and murderers the minute they started to show their black a—-. regardless of whether or not the governors of the states wanted him to. this was clearly an action to overthrow the government, and Trump in particular. the racist party BLM are now asking Demented Joe for their “cut”. see what they end up with. I have no faith in any recounts. the courts will block at every turn. they are rich and want to see people like us under their control. Biden and his ho will NEVER be my president, no matter what. the time for action has passed. we blew it. doesnt matter how mad you are, sitting on your butt at a keyboard will change nothing. you have no one to represent you. you and myself are on are own. it is a matter of time before Beto knocks on your door for your guns. Biden will lockdown the country, and everyone but the rich will perish. watch and see. biden knew he had the election. that’s why he sat in his basement and laughed at the world. said he didn’t need us voters. stop paying income taxes that he will ship again to Iran, Iraq and China. refuse to follow the mask mandates. watch the doddering old man fail. he is stepping into all Trumps hard earned victories, and will claim them as his own. he can’t put together a rational thought, but was elected by Hollywood elites. they won’t suffer, you will. keep supporting their books, records,movies etc. I sure won’t. Maybe personal tragedy struck some of them for a reason???

  18. Biden is a disgrace, nastiest, dumbest, stupidest, disgraceful, hateful. craziest, jackass in the GREAT UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.

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