Elon Musk Highlights Why Corporations Are Abandoning California

Elon Musk, formerly of California, is now a Texan. The second richest man on earth pulled up stakes as part of the billionaire exodus from California. In a recent Wall Street Journal interview, the Tesla CEO ripped California for driving out wealthy taxpayers. California, he complained, is like a sports team that “has been winning for a long time.” The state has taken innovators for granted, but now in their “forest of redwoods” the “little trees can’t grow.”

For now, Musk will keep the Tesla plant and his SpaceX operation in California. Musk, however is not optimistic: “So there used to be over a dozen car plants in California. And California used to be the center of aerospace manufacturing.” Musk noted that his companies were the last “still doing significant manufacturing” in the state.

Reeling from the 2020 coronavirus pandemic, California can ill afford to also lose companies like Hewlett Packard. That tech giant disclosed that it was leaving California for Texas. Piling on was Palantir Technologies, a major venture capital source, which is also heading for the friendlier business climate in Texas.

Texas is an economic developer’s dream-come-true. It supports the world’s 9th largest economy. It has no corporate income nor personal income taxes. The Lone Star State has a star cast of highly skilled workers, quick access to global markets with a robust infrastructure unimpeded by unpredictable regulations.

That business-friendly climate, according to Texas governor Greg Abbott, has meant a “tidal wave” of companies moving their headquarters to his state. The wave may have been accelerated in part to the coronavirus pandemic that has shut most of California down, but some companies like tech leader Oracle and real estate giant CBRE had plans to move to Houston and Dallas already under way.

Said Abbott: “I have been on the phone on a weekly basis with CEOs across the country…We’re working across the board because the times of COVID has exposed…that you don’t have to be in Manhattan, for example, to be involved in the trading business or the investment business.”

While the pandemic has increasingly shown how widespread remote work is here to stay, Texas has additional attractions: “Cost of business means a lot. No income tax means a lot, but also the freedom to operate without the heavy hand of regulation means a lot,” said the governor.

Governor Abbott was especially pleased to welcome Elon Musk, who moved his personal home from California to Texas. Tesla has chosen a site near Austin to build its next U.S. factor. SpaceX also has a growing rocket launch facility along the Texas Gulf Coast at Boca Chica.

Said the governor, “Elon is elated to be here.” Musk and the governor “talk on a virtually weekly basis.”

Finally, Musk, a former PhD candidate who dropped out of the program, doesn’t put much stock in higher academic credentials. To the chagrin of business school leaders everywhere, Musk told a Wall Street Journal conference group: “I think there might be too many MBAs running companies. There should be more focus on the product itself, less time on board meetings, less time on financials.”

The key, according to Musk is for bosses to spend time on the front lines instead of cloistering in conference rooms.

59 thoughts on “Elon Musk Highlights Why Corporations Are Abandoning California”

  1. Texas, beware , the people and companies moving to Texas will bring their voting and ideas with them and will take over Texas politics maybe not in 6 months but they will do it, they will change Texas to Commyfornia or NY, because that is what they do, That is what has happened in Maine, All the southern New England people moved up here on the coast and have change the state into a liberal haven, so now the statehouse is overrun and taxes are skyrocketing

    1. This is what is happening in AZ right now. i actually tell people I meet from CA DONT bring your politics here. But guess I’m not talking to enough people.

      1. Most of the people moving from Ca. hate the politics in Ca. It is too expensive and too controlled. They will be good people to have in Texas.

        1. Be careful for what you wish – I still live in californication for whatever reason and EVERY STATE the inhabitants move to quickly become very liberal states – Oregon, Washington, Colorado, Arizona and the list goes on and on. They don’t assimilate, they infiltrate and destroy.

          1. Exactly! I’ve seen post where people encourage liberals to move to red states to “shake things up”.

          2. I live in Oregon. Every area showed Red except for Portland. I believe our election was rigged!

        2. Guess again Naioma, the voted themselves into a mess in Ca, and left it to others to clean it up, if that’s possible. In two years Texas will be “Blue” and Taxes will go up and “Human Rights” will go down. You can bet your “folding money” on this.

    2. I agree. Colorado is the same way. When I lived there 20+ years ago it was a very conservative state. Look at it now. Have liberal minded people flock to your state doesn’t aways mean it’s a good thing.

  2. Texas beware, Californians have a special way of f—–g everything up. They seem to always forget why they wanted out of California to begin with. I’m almost ashamed to tell anyone I’m from California.

    1. I moved from california 20 years ago to Florida. Here in Florida we have the problem of the northeast moving here for the weather and the politics. Probably not too long this state will turn blue because of the mass migration of idiots that screwed up the northeast!! This used to be a republican stronghold, not so much anymore!

  3. Delaware is another example of being overrun with democrats. The republican state, with low income tax, no sales tax, a booming economy , two automobile assembly plants. Was overrun with people from NY, PA, NJ. NOW , dems run it ( Biden) , the auto plant are gone, as are many others.

    1. If they try to change things and make Texas a liberal state start taxing their business for not conforming to Texas laws. And if there isn’t one (law) stating that put one in, before they try to make it an unconstitutional State. Make sure they know that there will be no bs welcome their businesses with the understanding that Texas is and will remain a constitutional state, law abiding 2A free speech, right to assemble and protest peaceful. Innocent till proven guilty, and if you’ve been found guilty beyond a shadow of a doubt in a heinous crime, such as murder, rape, torture etc. that the death penalty will be carried out with only a few appeals if any at all. And good Lord get rid of these prisons for profit if you have any in Texas. One of the worse things that has happened to this country. Just my opinion!

  4. Maybe the States getting the people from the democrat states should send out reminders to the people of why they moved because soon after they get here what comes out of their mouth is well up north. NOT GOOD

  5. Just remember to leave liberal ideas in California when you leave. Don’t make where you go into another California. Remember why you left California to begin with.

  6. I have lived in California all my life, 55 years so far. I have seen this state go from a wonderful place to live and raise a family, to Paradise Lost. Full of liberal idiot’s that think they have all the answers to everything when in fact they’d be better off just leaving things to the grown ups. The everyday Californians who put in an honest day’s work and know what needs to be done. The decline of California is entirely on the lap of those liberal Democrats who have never had a job that caused them to break a sweat! Perhaps if they did they would understand what it means to have to pay for these idiotic liberal pie in the sky ideas that give everything away leaving the rest of us with the bill.

    1. Well said. Same here in Nevada. When we moved here 10 years ago, it was a nice red. Now, because of a lot of Kalifornians moving to Clark County (Vegas) and the service unions there, they now rule the state and they have turned us a bright purple as most of the state by area is still red. The dems are socializing the entire country with their tricks, shenanigans and down right criminal actions.

  7. Same here in North Carolina a once solidly red state is turning blue in the metro areas. Yanks move here bringing there liberal ideas, vote for liberal politicians and when it goes south they will move on. I refer to them as locusts.

  8. Gavin screwsome should be drug out and arrested for crime’s against humanity . Governor’s have put in place such laws to protect themselves . Democrate run states have failed in there mission to do the best for their citizens . If they don’t , you have the power to remove them . Lawyers get involved and help your State to be more successful . Do the right thing for America .

  9. I will tell Texas an Florida when a communist terrorist treasonous Demonic Democrat wants to move in to your state tell them to go back to where you came from we don’t need you or your political party

    1. It doesn’t work! We loved California many, many years ago. Made the mistake of moving to Oregon. It was like living in a Communist state. Finally got to Texas. Love it now going on 24 years. Should have moved here long ago. Now we see Democrats coming in especially to the Austin area and they want housing for hundreds of miles outside of Austin because they are so crowded. It’s a frightening thing to see. I’m glad I’m old. Won’t be here long to see my family ruined by low class trash from California and the other Dem. states.

      1. Omg! I agree! I live in Communist Oregon. I believe our election was rigged here in Oregon. Oregon was shown as all Red with the exception of Portland!

  10. I agree beware Texas, Florida that these people moving in don’t bring their bs politics with them . I live in NY and we are in Bad shape due to the political landscape. I do have to say since King Cuomo has been in the driver’s seat it has gotten So much worse!! We have had many Bad governors including his father , but he gets the title of the worst we have Ever had second to useless Newsom .Beware who you let in , their politics breed like cockroaches!!

  11. I have to agree with all of the comments about Liberals fleeing states that they helped to create. When the monster they have created comes knocking at their door to collect they all run to save them selves from the beast of high taxes and bureaucratical control over their business and personal lives.
    I lived in Colorado in the 90’s and saw first hand how, in the name of economic development, the politicians in charge at the time use my tax dollars to advertise, incentivize, and, just plain give away things to have a California business relocate to Colorado.
    I have now lived in Georgia for the past 16 years and Déjà vu here I go again with elected leaders who put the desire for Economic Development (giveaways of tax dollars) above the people they represent.

  12. California Victim of Circumstance: I’ve lived in California for 50 years, and it’s been an expensive, demoralizing ride. The whole state is composed of one corrupt party, with corrupt Courts. Our top politicians, Pelosi and Feinstein, are two POS, who are long overdue for enrollment in a Skilled Nursing Facility. We are subject to corrupt voting machines and software throughout the state of California, and subsequently cannot effect the necessary changes to restore our civil liberties. Two lights at the end of the tunnel are the recall of Governor Gavin Newsom, and the birthing of “New California” when the State splits into two this year.

  13. There use to be bumper stickers in Colorado. Don’t Californicate Colorado. Guess what, the Californians moved here and this state is now Blue having gone from Red to Purple to Blue. Texas beware. All the people moving in do not change their politics. They will just screw up your state in time. Colorado leaders are all now Liberal Democrats.

  14. Was born and raised in Calif.. Left in 1969 and never looked back. I just hope those companies that move here don’t bring their liberal workers as they will end up turning this state into another Calif.

  15. Who do democrats hate the most, rich people? Who runs the democrat party, rich people? A little common sense goes a long way and it is obvious that democrats have none. I live in Colorado and these California liberals are
    destroying our state. It is time to split 3/4 of our state off and give the rest to these left wing nut cases in Denver and Boulder.

  16. I think there is something missing when we Americans speak of the liberal mindset moving throughout this country. Democrats are known for their corrupt history of stealing elections. For example, Orange county in Southern California was always thought of being red, but today there’s this feeling the entire state has changed their views to support the sick policies of the left. Truth be known, California has been denied a voice in that state for years. Remember proposition 187 to deny illegal immigrants access to tax payer benefits, which won overwhelmingly? As you know, the people’s will was overturned by the 9th circuit Court. The same is true with proposition 8 regarding gay marriage. These tactics has a demoralizing effect on the voting public, very much like what will happen if the Democrats are allowed to steal the 2020 election. People will lose faith and give in to the tyrannical policies which are destroying America like California and many other states. Soon, there will no where else to go.

    1. Demented Joe Biden is one of the latest threats to everyone living in the US.

      Just wait until he unloads his whole awful array of plans
      re vaccinating the world.



  19. For the most part Californicators are despised universally. When they move to conservative states from their communist regime, they can NOT assimilate, as they have been indoctrinated. Why anyone would welcome a nest of COCKROACHES into their community & think it will be anything but cockroaches is Ludicrous. E.O.S.

  20. We strong conservatives still in Socialfornia were born and raised here. We should have run like the rest of the conservatives, but we didn’t. Now we are too old to move away from our families. The only way we can beat the socialist/future communenist greedy slugs is to stay here, move back here, and take back CA by over running the socialcraps and OUT VOTE THEM, FOR OUR KIDS AND GRANDKID’S SAKE. Run THEM OFF INSTEAD. It’s nearly too late, BUT IT CAN BE DONE IF WE STICK TOGETHER! Whatever state you move to hate ALL Californians anyway. They don’t believe there are a lot of good Californians! LET’S FIX CA INSTEAD!!

  21. So everyone posting appears to agree as to the problem….
    Reminds of the story about the mice and the cat. All the mice agreed the cat was a problem for them. They even agreed that a solution was to put a bell on the cat so they’d be warned when it was prowling around. The oldest mouse asked the 64$ Q. “Who was going to bell the cat?”
    How can the leftist lie-replete propaganda be stopped & even how can it be turned around?
    What I would like to see is a change in how voter residency in the US is managed. For eight years after someone moves to a different state they can vote only in the state they have left. After eight years they can register in their “new” state. They keep the ight to vote but they cannot foul up their “new” state. Note, they can support candidates in their “new” state with $ and their time. This is a flaw as big$ is the worst threat to freedom.
    So… campaigning must be limited to a candidate sending just one 8-1/2 x 11 inch campaign ad to each household — 12 pt font; or the equivalent in braille; or as a recorded message. (I’d support a ban on using the phone for that.)

  22. He is correct. He looks at the real things in his operations rather than the might be things to make his decisions and it works.

  23. Beware of liberals coming to freedom loving states. They have an agenda that always fails but they keep pushing it anyway.

    1. What will we do when the blue state exodus turns all the red states blue and there is no place to run? At this point
      the bastards will have won. The only solution is to take over one or more states. forcibly if necessary, and make
      it a conservative haven with strict controls on immigrants. Unfortunately this type of control would be considered
      unconstitutional. Then what?

  24. I’ve been around for quite a while. After engineering school I moved to Vermont. In the 50’s and 60’s it was a very
    conservative state. Dems had a hard time getting in, but all-of-a-sudden out-of-staters came for the quiet country life. Burlington became industrialized and UVM attracted the academics who were socialists. I was on a school board, and always fighting the socialists who aspired to spending the citizens money. After 12 years I moved to a rural area in PA that has been and is still conservative. Watch the academics, the lawyers and the doctors who think that they know best.

  25. Liberalism is satanic. Satan doesn’t care how long it takes him to accomplish his plan. He will take centuries if that’s what if takes.

    First he’ll fllood the courts with cases. Then he’ll flood the law chambers with satanic politicians. Before you know it Texans will wake up one day and ask, “ what happened to our state.”

  26. I came to California in 1956. I’m now 85 years old and leaving after all of these years. I came to college here at that time. I’ve lived in Pasadena, Hollywood, Huntington Beach for 33 years, and in Palm Springs & Cathedral City for 21 years. The sky is still blue and the climate and air breathable, but what is below has changed and so have the people. Time to say goodbye, too!

  27. Hi to all! I moved as a teenager with my parents and younger brother to Mesa, Arizona in 1960 and returned to retire after years of Government and military service after the 9/11 attack in New York City. I am happily retired on my 4.1 acre home stead here in Marana, Arizona!

  28. Amen to all above.
    Very good points!!
    Somebody needs to put a bell on the ‘enemy’ so heavy it can’t lift it’s head, move or speak.
    Who would that be?
    All of the comments are a parallel to the invasion of allah, (the god of ALL false gods, and you know who that is…), invading this country, and wanting to change it to be like the country they left.
    We have left the worship of the ONE CREATOR GOD in this country, and the name of JESUS, has become a 4-letter word to the satana-libs.
    Just remember, throughout the whole Bible, God has always has a remnant of people who will never bow down, (bend a knee), to evil.
    I said one Sunday night at Church that if 2020 is remembered for anything, it will be that evil has exposed itself in this country, and doesn’t care we know it. It believes we can’t do anything about it.
    That might be true, as has been shown with several consecutive election fraud events.
    They did it with oblammer, and tried it with hellery, but didn’t quite get it done, then really overdid it with obiden.
    We tried with voting, and that doesn’t seem to work anymore.
    Remember Joe said.. “it;s not the vote that counts, but who counts the vote”.
    Joe Stalin

  29. I am a naturalized Citizen, that came to the US in the late 60ies. It was a wonderful country! I absolutely loved America. Now……. I am getting ready to go back, I simply don’t know this country any more. I am very sad and angry, I feel the country has been stolen by the Leftists. God help my children and grandchildren.

  30. I was born and raised in Texas, but was disgusted when I went to a 50 year high school reunion in Pampa, Texas to find that PC had taken over so much of the state, i.e. too many midwesterners and west coast people had brought their BS ideas with them instead of leaving it behind them when they crossed the border into Texas.
    Heritage is one thing and it enriches a culture to a degree, however, those born and raised in Texas had every
    reason to be proud of most of our heritage with some minor exceptions and those exist everywhere even here
    in Bavaria where I have called home for almost 40 years. As an example, there are far too many northern germans moving to Bavaria and unfortunately too many of them just can’t leave their BS behind them. People will be people, but as we say here in Bavaria it is nice to be a preis (Prussian) but it is higher to be a Bayer (Bavarian):

  31. In the 70’s there used to be billboards along the interstate into Texas, that said “Welcome to Texas. Now go home!”

    Democrats are vermin. Vermin migrate to an area, infiltrate, and take over. Then when the resources are gone, they move on, leaving devastation in their wake.

    The War between the States (it was never Civil), was not about slavery until the last couple of years. It was the North against the mostly rural South. The North wanted to control, and the South didn’t want Yankees controlling them. Almost all wars in history were started because of Economics and Power – the two go hand in hand.

    We are seeing this happen all over again folks. Vermin. Remember that word.

  32. Musk is right…The CA exodus, apparently continuing and expanding…with TX as one of many destinations…FL and other Gulf Coast states also in that mix. Dought TX and FL have too much to worry about with the political aspects of the new arrivals. You must look to the state houses, Governors mansions of the states that are complaining about them….it is their policies/politics/regs/taxes etc..etc…(homegrown), that is the problem…not the new comers…that don’t yet even know where to vote! Look in the mirror if you are in CO and NV…TX/FL doing just fine…put DT over the top in the last 2 elections…FACTS!

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