Dem Leader Nancy Pelosi ‘Disapproves’ of February Jobs Report

February 2018 marked notable progress for the American economy according to the latest available report on jobs, and Democratic House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi couldn’t be more upset about it.

Job numbers have been steadily climbing each month since President Donald Trump took the oath of office, and that progress has managed to sustain itself into 2018. Naturally, White House representatives are wasting no time taking credit for the business-friendly environment they’ve created, which they credit to the Trump-endorsed tax cuts passed at the end of 2017.

However, not everyone is taking news well. While the uptick in the number of employed Americans has been touted by the Trump administration, Democratic leaders caution not is all as it appears.

In a press release addressing the issue, the office of Nancy Pelosi argues that the national employment rate doesn’t show what’s really hindering economic progress.

“February’s jobs report shows that, while jobs continue to be created, working Americans are still not getting the bigger paychecks they deserve. Strong job growth means little to the American workers forced to work multiple jobs because of stagnant wages,” Pelosi said.

“Republicans passed a debt-exploding GOP tax scam that hands massive windfalls to the rich and to corporations on the backs of hard-working Americans. Instead of sharing the benefits with workers, many big corporations are pocketing the benefits themselves and refusing to give workers a raise.”

The statement comes after various corporations announced higher minimum wages within their own ranks, as well as generous end-of-the-year bonuses extended to lower-level employees. Many of these companies cited Trump’s tax cuts as the reason for being able to pass along their corporate wealth.

Pelosi’s remarks have been predictably chastised by many on the right, who suggest the Democratic leader was effectively lamenting over economic progress. Considering the vast majority of Americans — save for high-income earners living in blue states — are able to keep more of their own money as a direct result of the tax cuts, it’s easy to see why.


Ethan Warrick
Wealth Authority